Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

In modern days, there is a wide range of lamp styles available in the market. Among different styles, the floor lamp style is the best. They are convenient to use and doesn’t require and additional space. You can set them in any corner of your room. This can be used in the living room and sometimes even in the bedroom. However, the living room is the perfect place to set a floor lamp.

Buying the best floor lamps can be tricky as there are tons of products out there. Each lamp brands claim that their product is the best and it will make you confused. To make it easier, here I am going to share the best floor lamps reviews with the details.

Top 5 Floor Lamps Reviews

#5. Catalina Lighting Transitional Floor Lamp


This is a 2-in-1 floor lamp that comes with two additional flat storage racks in it. The lamp is designed to provide ambient light in any room of your home. It best suits the living room and reading room. There is linen shaped in the lamp which comes with the white finishing. So, there will be no issues which decoration do you have in the room. Length of the stand with the lamp is 58″ and it doesn’t require much space for setup. A small corner of the room is enough to accommodate it.

It is designed to last longer than the conventional stand lamps. The stand comes with metal construction to provide enough support. The shade comes with fabric and it is durable. There are three different ways to get different lights and it comes with the 150-watt of power and can light up a wide area. You can turn on/off it with the chain hanging from the shade. The cord is 5 feet long for the users’ convenience.

#4. Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

When you are going to sleep, you may want to read some books before going to bed. When you are falling asleep, you need to store the book easily and that is the point this floor lamp could be the best companion for you. There are three different flat storage racks in the lamp where you could store books or other small showpieces. It also suits to your living room. In the shade, there is an LED light which easily brightens up the entire area. So, you may even use it for your office room.

It is designed with the classic black color that suits to your home décor. The stand is constructed from top-grade wood to make it durable. Moreover, the shade is also ready for heavy usage. It is a power-saving lamp floor which comes with only 9.5-watt but with brighter light. It will reduce the utility bill for your home.

Controlling the light is not a difficult task. You can either control it manually or you can choose the smart home solution. This floor lamp is compatible with Alexa. However, it is required to be connected with a smart plug which is not included with the lamp.

#3. Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp


If you like your products in the minimal design but with the high capacity, this Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp would be the best choice for you. It is a free-standing floor lamp which is suitable to cover a wide area. Especially, when you want to cover a large living room, a conventional light won’t be able to do that. To overcome the issue, it comes with the LED light that brightens up the entire area but without wasting power. The light comes in the ring style and it is only 28 watts which is energy efficient.

It has a convenient built-in dimmer touch switch that allows the users to alter the brightness from soft to bright. That is helpful when you want to have particular lighting. Users can also change the style of the ring for a variety of lighting styles. It is useful when you want to read some books, doing some creative works such as drawing, and more. The light is designed to last longer and it has 20,000-hour life.

#2. Brightech Sky LED Super Bright Floor Lamp


Do you have a good budget to have the right floor lamp for your living room or maybe the reading room? If yes, here is the Brightech Sky LED floor lamp for you which is one of the best floor lamps for dark room. It comes with the top grade durable stand. Tough the stand seems very thin, it keeps the lamp stable in place. This is only a 30-watt lamp which can provide a brighter environment like a 200-watt incandescent. It generates 2260 lumens of light and bright up the entire area.

The lamp in on the top and it is designed to tilt in different directions according to your need. For example, if you are doing a particular job, can adjust the angle to focus on the right thing. It doesn’t require much space and you can install in any corner of your room. Comes with the built-in dimmer that allows you to go from bright to soft easily. It is an energy-saving floor lamp which lasts longer than the products with a similar price range. You can pick different colors from a wide range of collection.

#1. Adesso Trinity Arc Floor Lamp


When you want to get a bright environment in your living room, a single lamp is not enough. But it is tough to accommodate more than one lamp in a room and it doesn’t go with the home décor. To overcome this problem, this Adesso Trinity Arc floor lamp is designed with multiple lamps on the top. There are three lampshades and you can use 100-watt incandescent or 13 watt CFL bulb with them.

It is easy to set in a small corner. The stand is built with durable bronze materials and it stands in place stably. Shades on the top are made with burlap fabric. The four-way rotary switch on the main pole allows you to focus the light on a particular area. You can adjust the height and the type of light to have the proper light setup. This is the best lamp for home office.

Final Verdict

Each of the above items of this best floor lamps list come with the top grade construction to last longer. Customer feedback for the products is also good. So, you can pick any of the items that you like most. Make sure the features are meeting your requirements.

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